Safe and Comfortable Drug and Alcohol Detox

For individuals struggling with drug addiction or alcohol abuse, the first step toward recovery is usually detoxification, or detox for short. The detox process rids the body of the harmful toxins contained inside these substances, and it helps the body function normally without dependence on them. Detoxing can be uncomfortable and even dangerous if not done properly and in the right conditions. For these reasons, medical detox is the recommended method for drug and alcohol addiction. More specifically, individuals should seek out an accredited medical detox program. At-home detox or unsupervised detox can cause serious discomfort, bodily harm, and even death.

At Recovery Beach, our drug and alcohol detox programs are designed to keep you as comfortable as possible while you safely detox the harmful substances from your body. Around the clock nurse care and clinical supervision ensure the medical detox process at Recovery Beach is safe and as painless as possible.

What Does a Medical Detox Program Entail?

Medical detox programs provide detoxification along with all of the ancillary services associated with the detox process. These programs offer the necessary resources to help individuals manage the detox process, as it usually brings about discomfort, intense cravings, and emotional mood swings. Medical detox programs work to ensure individuals can detox the harmful substances from their systems safely with assistance as opposed to naturally without any medical support. Some of this medical support can include:

  • Therapy to help with mood swings and to maintain a positive mindset
  • Mild medications to help minimize discomfort and weaken withdrawal symptoms
  • Doctor and nurse supervision to monitor complications, infections, or any adverse side effects to the detox process
  • Holistic care to support the body’s natural healing process and promote spiritual healing as well

If you or a loved one are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, take the first step today by contacting our admissions department and exploring your treatment options.

A comprehensive medical detox program may be covered by your health insurance, leaving you with minimal out of-pocket costs for a very high level of care.

Medical Detox Centers

Due to the sensitive nature of medical drug and alcohol detox, a very high level of care is required. As a result, all states require medical detox centers to carry specific licenses and operate in obeyance of several requirements including:

  • Building codes
  • Spatial minimums
  • Bed maximums
  • Equipment standards
  • Cleanliness/hygiene benchmarks
  • ..and more

Medical detox centers are similar to hospitals due to the level of care provided and the expertise required of the facility staff. These detox facilities work hard to ensure that individuals who are detoxing from drugs or alcohol are kept comfortable and can safely eliminate the toxins from their bodies without worrying about potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. They also help to manage any cravings that may arise as the body copes with the loss of the substance it has been used to for months or even years. If these cravings are not managed properly, or if and the individual is not in a controlled environment, there is an extremely high chance for an immediate relapse. This would negate the entire detoxification process and necessitate starting again from scratch.

Medical detox facilities set individuals up for the highest chance of success due to their medical equipment, experienced staff, and professional methods. Recovery Beach goes the extra mile and aims to be a few steps above the standard medical detox center by providing more luxurious amenities, state-of-the-art equipment, and brand new facilities that were completed late 2021. View our beautiful, luxury medical detox facility below, and schedule your tour to come experience Recovery beach in person!

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Medical Detox Centers in California

Detox is the absolute first step of the recovery journey for most individuals struggling with addiction, so it is a crucial stage of the process that should not be handled lightly. Most individuals who suffer a relapse attribute this to not taking this first step more seriously and settling for a lower level of care, only because the medical detox facility they chose was close by in their hometown. Choosing to detox from drugs or alcohol close to home can present many other challenges as well.

The Cons of Staying in Your Hometown for Medical Detox

The greatest drawback to staying local to your hometown for drug and alcohol detox is the likelihood of relapse. Researchers have cited up to a 92% relapse rate among individuals who are detoxing for the first time and who chose not to travel outside of their hometown to seek treatment. A primary reason for this staggering figure is the theory of ‘people, places, and things’ which states that when individuals remain close to the same people, places, and things that they associated with during their active addiction, they are likely to slip back into old habits upon coming in contact with these people, places, or things while in recovery.

The second greatest drawback to only considering a local drug and alcohol detox facility is having to settle for a lower level of care. Most parts of the United States are not equipped to handle the complete continuum of care for a comprehensive addiction recovery journey. Additionally, the infrastructure in many states is aging and as a result, drug and alcohol detox centers are forced to operate in older buildings and do not have access to the latest technology and equipment.

Benefits of Traveling Out of State for Drug & Alcohol Detox

Detoxing from Drugs and Alcohol Away from Past Habits

Separating yourself from the people, places, and things you associated with during active addiction is not easy, but it is almost always necessary for lasting sobriety after detox. Individuals who have had the most success in recovery typically find that moving away from their hometown to get a completely fresh start somewhere new is the single most important contributing factor to their success. Many have considered this process to be transformative as it has allowed them to redefine themselves in their new life of sobriety. New places, new relationships, new careers, and ultimately, a new beginning. This does not mean that you are expected to completely cut out family and friends entirely – you are just using the distance to focus more on yourself and your own bodily and spiritual healing.

Find the Best Detox Program – Without Physical Boundaries

Just as you would search far and wide for the best cancer treatment center for a loved one battling cancer, you should search equally hard for the best drug and alcohol addiction program for yourself or a loved one who is battling active addiction. By expanding the pool of possible detox facilities beyond just your home state, you open up treatment options that can include some of the best drug and alcohol addiction programs in the country. Most top detox facilities will also help coordinate travel, so you only have to worry about yourself and your recovery. Being willing to travel outside your home state makes finding the medical detox that best meets your needs based on your unique circumstances possible.

Why Consider a Drug and Alcohol Detox Facility in California?

While many states are not equipped to support high-quality drug and alcohol detox programs, California is one of the few that is. While certain states like New York or Massachusetts are known for specific medical centers, hospitals, or types of treatments, California is no different. Due to newer infrastructure, a beautiful climate, and proximity to nature, California has become synonymous with the best drug and alcohol detox facilities in the country. California is home to several state-of-the-art detox centers, and the state also benefits from beautiful weather year-round and bountiful natural environments, which together, combine to provide ideal circumstances for holistic recovery.

Does That Mean I Should Travel Elsewhere if I am in California?

The short answer is that it depends, as each individual’s unique set of circumstances is very different. In almost all cases though, staying in California for detox and addiction treatment is the right choice as long as all of the following requirements are satisfied:

  • You have a strong, local support system
  • You can separate from friends and family who may be local and focus on yourself
  • You are willing to surrender yourself to the healing process and connect spiritually and physically to your existing environment in new ways
  • You are open to experiencing aspects of California that you likely were unable to during active addiction

If you believe all, or even most, of the above are true in your specific circumstances, then staying in California for medical detox and for the subsequent steps of your recovery journey is likely the best choice. Recovery Beach offers some of the top medical detox and addiction treatment programs in the entire country, so if you are local to California, you are actually very fortunate to not have to travel very far to experience the highest possible level of care.

Detox Safely & Comfortably at Recovery Beach

At Recovery Beach, our top priorities are the safety and comfort of all our clients during the medical detox process. While detoxing from drugs and alcohol can be uncomfortable, painful, or even dangerous in the wrong environment, our professional team of nurses and clinicians will ensure you detox safely with minimal discomfort so you can start your recovery journey with mental clarity and physical fortitude. Take the first step towards the life you deserve, and contact the admissions team at Recovery Beach.

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