Real Recovery Experiences: Mariah’s Story

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“After several failed prior treatment attempts I am pleased to say that Recovery Beach gave me the tools I needed to sustain my recovery. At first I was hesitant to even try again but the comfort of a small facility where I would receive true individualized care was the deciding factor for my family and I. Aside from the chef, and accommodations at Recovery Beach being better than I could have ever imagined I do have to credit my clinician for being the difference maker in my new life. Thank you to everyone who helped get me to where I am today.”

–Mariah C.


A New Dawn: Mariah’s Journey to Lasting Recovery at Recovery Beach

Mariah C. had reached a crossroads in her life. After several unsuccessful attempts at overcoming her addiction, just as so many of us who are in the midst of a struggle with substance abuse – she found herself wrestling with skepticism and fear.

Could another treatment facility offer anything different?

Would this be just another cycle of hope followed by disappointment?

It was these questions that Mariah fought with as she considered Recovery Beach, our facility that promised a different approach to addiction treatment.

Mariah’s journey to us here at Recovery Beach was not just her own. It was a decision deeply influenced by her family, who had stood by her through the storms of her addiction. Their support was unwavering, but so was their desire for a real change. They saw potential in our facility, drawn to the promise of personalized care in a nurturing environment. With a mix of apprehension and hope, Mariah took the step, perhaps her most critical one yet, towards recovery.

Upon her arrival, Mariah was greeted with an environment that was starkly different from her past experiences. Recovery Beach was not just a treatment facility; it felt like a sanctuary. The setting was serene, surrounded by natural beauty that seemed to echo the promise of healing and renewal. The accommodations felt luxurious, unlike a clinical facility, a detail that did not go unnoticed by Mariah. But beyond the physical comforts, it was our team and the approach of Recovery Beach that truly set it apart.

The game-changer for Mariah was her clinician. Here was someone who didn’t just see a patient with an addiction problem, but a person with a unique story, struggles, and strengths. The sessions were more than just therapy; they were explorations into her past, her fears, her dreams, and her potential. Our clinician became her trusted guide, helping to navigate the complex layers of her addiction and unraveling the deep-seated issues that fueled it.

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For Mariah, Recovery Beach was not just a treatment facility – it felt like a sanctuary.

Mariah also found solace in the culinary experiences at Recovery Beach. Our chef prepared meals that were not only nutritious but also tailored to her preferences, adding a touch of comfort and normalcy to her recovery process. It was these small yet significant details that made her feel valued and cared for as an individual.

Our journey together wasn’t easy. There were moments of doubt, setbacks, and emotional struggles. But through each challenge, Mariah found a supportive community here at Recovery Beach, in both our staff and fellow residents who shared her struggles and aspirations. We  celebrated each small victory and provided strength during tougher times.

Today, Mariah looks back at her time at Recovery Beach as the turning point in her life. It gave her more than just tools for recovery; it gave her a renewed sense of self and a blueprint for a life free from the shackles of addiction. As she steps into her new life, Mariah is grateful to each person here who played a role in her journey. Their impact was profound, leaving an imprint on her life that she will always cherish.

Mariah’s story is a testament to the power of personalized care, the strength of human connections, and the resilience of the human spirit. It’s a reminder that with the right support and environment, a new dawn is always possible.

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